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Re: Aggiornamenti e novità

Messaggioda Goomboss » 12/01/2014, 3:16

Nuovi spoils di Erez:

HiRezErez: and new Smite player records (not a spoiler but good to know the number of Smite players is growing :D; Also this was after Erez said something like this: "a lot of new teams today")

HiRezErez: double damage did not feel good

HiRezErez: we are looking at some other interesting consumables

HiRezErez: New Arena map this week

HiRezErez: change to mini-map position?

HiRezErez: A new tank with a shield? (Geb probably)

HiRezErez: Anyone see a flying NPC running around the arena? (Manticore!? :D)

HiRezErez: #SaveTheManticore

HiRezErez: Assault healer balance?

HiRezErez: no idea why, but our number of players are growing wild

HiRezErez: I think we need stats and focus back to keep them under control (monkey smiley face) (just Erez trolling :P)

Bart just said that the skin coming at release is Pool Party Poseidon! The other skins that were in the post about the release skin might come later or something, I don't really know but let's hope they do! :D

Hirezerez: The return of the Manticore (from Lassiz's stream) (Props to /u/HermaphroditeSwag :D)

Tournament has ended, no more spoils for today. Let's see if we get more spoils tomorrow during the EU tournament! :D

La manticora poteva recallare mentre si muoveva. OP.

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